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Our services- We offer all of the services below.  Call today to reserve a date, 25% down required to reserve equipment.  All forms of payment are accepted.  Once paid the reservation fee is deducted from the total due upon setup.


If you plan on renting a tent there are a few main things to consider:

#1 What size tent do I need?  The general rule is 10 square feet per guest if seated at round or rectangle tables, so a 20ft x 40ft tent will seat 80 guests.  Note this does not include room for the DJ, dance floor, buffet tables, etc.

#2 Are there any underground utility lines (gas, electric, water) in the general vicinity that prevent staking.  If utilities or concrete/asphalt impede staking we can use weighted barrels.  It is your responsibility to ensure we can drive stakes to hold the tents down or to let us know in advance if you will be needing barrels.  If barrels are needed there will be an additional charge added and a water spigot required.

#3 Trees- We will not setup our tents directly under large trees.  We are proud of the cleanliness and the condition of our tents, maintaining this is next to impossible if exposed to the bird droppings, pollen, pine tar, sticks, etc. that fall from trees. 

#4 Setup/Pickup Times- These are weather dependent and at the discretion of Murfreesboro Tent and Table Rental.  Please let us know in advance if a specific times/dates are needed and we will do our best to meet them.  Normal setup occurs Wednesday-Friday and pickup Sunday-Tuesday.  During peak times we are delivering and setting up thousands of lbs. of equipment at various locations so exact times are hard to determine.

Folding Chairs and Tables - The price of the chairs and tables listed is for a one day rental in which the customer returns them in the same condition as delivered.  If you would like the chairs setup and/or broken down this can be provided for an additional charge.  Below are a few things to remember when renting chairs.

#1 Please stack them up on the pallets the same way they were delivered, do not leave them setup, scattered or leaning.

#2 Wipe off any visible debri or stains.  We can only afford to keep prices low and offer great products if my customers' continue to return equipment in the same condition and cleanliness as received.

#3 Notify Murfreesboro Tent and Table of any equipment you damaged or that arrived to you damaged immediately.  If it is just stacked as if in working order the next customer could have issues that could be avoided.

Tablecloths- These can be a major cost that many people overlook when budgeting.  When using any rental table, not only ours, it is necessary to cover them.  While they are clean they tend to develop dings and scratches from being moved every week.  
The cost to cover a table can range from $1 for basic disposable plastic to over $20 per table for fancy linens with runners.  The linens we provide are white or ivory polyester and drop either half way or to the  floor on both styles of tables.  When linens drop to the floor they create a more elegant look than if above, but they do cost more.  Our linens arrive clean, pressed in bags on hangers, you will use them and return dirty.

While we currently only provide white and ivory tablecloths, table runners can be used to create a different look for around $1-$3 per table to purchase.  Shaby Chic is currently in and many of our customers use burlap runners to create that desired look.   The ivory matches the pad on the fruitwood chairs.

Things to consider with tablecloths-

#1 Buy versus Rent-  The price may appear to be approximately the same, but it will take you at least 30-45 minutes per cloth to iron, so don't wait till the night before.  You also need to wash the day after or they mildew and you can only fit 2 cloths per load.  Many customers also try to use tablecloths, then sell them on craigslist.  I caution that if you want blue or another special color it may be a long time till you find someone to buy them and they will want to pay you next to nothing and won't need your exact amount.

#2 Candle wax and oils- You must keep wax and oils completely off the tablecloths or you will ruin them.  If this happens you will be charged for the cost of the linens.  You do not need to worry about any food or beverage stains as we can remove them.  Any burns or cuts also result in charges.

Lighting- We offer white string lighting.  The most popular is the 6 watt frosted round globe patio light spaced at 12'' per light.  When placed around the perimeter of a tent they create the perfect amount of light for a party after dark. 

Expectations of Customers

#1 Treat our equipment like it was yours.  We take pride in offering the most pristine equipment for the best prices. 

#2 Please do not tape or staple our equipment.  Even if the tape comes off the the glue from it is left behind and will get dirty and look bad forever.

#3 Please have payment ready upon delivery or pay before if using credit card.  Customers that have told us they will pay online later that evening after delivery often forget because they are extremely busy organizing the wedding or event.

#4 Read over the rental contract below and ask any questions you may have.

#5 Immediately inform us if any equipment is broken.  Otherwise the next customer may have issues.

Our rental contract with details.


The prices listed below are for quality frame tents.  We will setup and pickup at the location you choose.  Deliveries of tent, table and chair rentals are typically made on Thursday or Friday and pickup is on Monday or Tuesday.

You typically need about 10 square feet of tent per person.  Example: a 20ft x 30ft tent = 600 square feet will accommodate 60 people.  Call Andrew at (615) 556-6710 for questions or to place order.

20ft x 30ft        $260
20ft x 40ft        $295
30ft x 40ft        $455 


5ft Round Table                 8ft Rectangular Table                 White Plastic Folding Chair
Seats 8                               Seats 8                                               
$6.99 per rental                  $6.99 per rental                                .99 per rental

White Resin Padded Chair           Fruitwood Padded Chair
$2.00                                            $2.35

-Decorative String bulbs for tents available for $0.50 per linear foot.
-Solid sidewalls are also available for a small additional charge

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